On Demand T-shirt Printing – A New Business Idea To Lead the Market

Unable to find are employed in Santa Fe, I trekked to Albuquerque, where I got employment like a screen printer’s apprentice. I worked for Curtis “Stubby” Stubblefield with the Stubblefield Screen Print Company (SSPC). Originally from Tennessee, Stubby had contracted TB inside the swamps of Louisiana whilst in basic working out for World War II and came to New Mexico to the cure. With a background in printing, he previously opened SSPC, shortly thereafter.

How much money can you make in the screen printing business?

Knowing the basics from the four principle printing methods can help you make informed decisions to achieve the ideal results to your marketing materials or printed products.

In the first tutorial, we’ll demonstrate the best way to print on light colored T-shirts, plus the other we’ll show you the way to print on dark colored T-shirts.

If you want to produce custom t shirt designs, you will need to make sure regarding the excellence of the T-shirt fabric. Most people prefer silk, cotton, polyester as well as other materials which are sleek and may easily pass through fabric screening. Screen printing technology is getting higher plus more efficient, meaning that the color along with the design of the T-shirt become very vivid and intensely appealing. You may go with a T-shirt and apparel design that truly resonate using your personality otherwise you may pick a different design containing really caught the eye of folks.


There are many printing methods which are Screen-printing is the most common way of decoration on fabric that is traditionally used for commercial purpose. In this technique of printing, a design is separated into individual colours and printed for the fabric by layering. A mesh screens which limits other locations where ink is deposited is utilized to apply water based inks on t-shirts. Process printing or simulated process in which only white, black, red, green, blue, and gold ink are widely-used, is a great solution to gain a wider colour spectrum using a small selection of of colours.